Lose Fat At The Speed Of Light!

Contour Light Body Makeover!

  • Safe Treatments For Fat Reduction
  • Lose at Least 2 Inches In One Treatment....GUARANTEED! 

No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime

Lose Fat At The Speed Of Light!

Contour Light Body Makeover! 

  • Safe Treatments For Fat Removal
  • Lose at Least 2 Inches In One Treatment

No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime

Contour Light Background

  • The 635nm laser light technology was originally developed as an adjunct treatment to liposuction.
  • The technology has been used safely in the medical community for over 4o years.
  • Based on sound scientific and physiologic principles.
  • ​Clinical trials have proven effectiveness and safety.

Why Am I Just Hearing About This?

Previously in the U.S. body  sculpting has been used by the rich and famous due to the cost.
Many movie stars use similar programs to get back into shape after having a baby.
How do you think they lost the baby weight so fast?
Today it is affordable and available to you!

What Is Contour Light?

  • Contour Light is a 635 nm Laser Light Therapy.
  • Contour Light has 4 extra large pads that are 28”x 12” which are applied directly to the skin for 25 minutes.
  • Each Pad has 320 diodes. Each diode emits 40 mW of light energy for a total of 51,200 mW of power, making it the most powerful device on the market.
  • ​Covers more area of the body than any other device on the market! Making it the easiest to use!
  • ​The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell.
  • ​The results? Incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, breasts, saddlebags, inner thighs, knees- virtually anywhere you have excess fat.
  • ​No pain, no bruising, no swelling, no burning, no downtime… NO side effects!
Contour Light delivers the most power and covers the most treatment area of any LED or laser device on the market!

What does the Contour Light Program do?

The body is either in fat burning mode or in fat storage mode
  • Contour Light opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell.
  • Contour Light causes the fat cell to shrink.
  • ​Contour Light accelerates fat burning.
  • Contour Light speeds up the metabolism.
  • One Contour Light treatment equals seven 30 minute cardio workouts.
  • The results? Incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, breasts, saddlebags, inner thighs, buttocks, knees- virtually anywhere you have excess fat.
Why Not Use Modern Science To Make Fat Loss Easier? 

Where does the fat go?

The fat gets flushed out through the lymphatic system for the liver and the colon to break down,and eliminate from the body.
Safely and Naturally!

How Many Sessions Are Required For The Contour-Light Body Makeover Program?

That Depends On How Much Fat You Want To Lose?
  • It is impossible for us to predict exactly how many sessions it will take. After seeing how your body responds during your first treatment and discussing your goals with you we will be able to determine how many treatments are need. 
  • Body Contouring Sessions are done 2 to 3 times per week until your goals are reached.
  • Each Contour Light treatment is followed by a 10 minute whole body vibration session to help flush the fat from your body.

Whole Body Vibration

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage & circulation
  • Helps eliminate the fat from the body
  • Burns calories
  • Reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite
  • Targets key areas of the body
  • One ten minute session equals 60 minutes of traditional exercise


Patients Who should NOT be treated
  • Pregnant woman or breastfeeding
  • HIV / AIDs
  • Hepatitis C/D
  • Active Cancer
  • Serious Mental disorders
  • Pacemaker

What To Expect on your Initial Visit!

  • During your initial consultation you will meet with our friendly, knowledgeable consultants & technicians
  • ​You will get a Body Contouring and Body Contouring session to see how your body responds to the technology. 
  • We will sit down together to go over your results and discuss your goals. 
  • If accepted as a patient we will put together a program that is designed to get you to your goals!

On Treatment Days…

  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day while on program. Preferably RO or spring water.
  • Heavy meals should be avoided two hours before treatment and two hours after treatment, a light snack is fine. 
  • Limit caffeine on the day of treatment to ensure adequate hydration
  • 12 to 16 minutes of interval exercise is recommended within 3 to 4 hours following the treatment
  • Avoid all alcohol during the program. Or at least limit it ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe? Are there any dangerous side effects? What side effects should be expected?
Treatment is 100% safe, there are no known dangerous side effects. Vibration plate may cause tingling or itching in the legs, it just means it is positively affecting circulation
Does the treatment hurt?
No, the treatment is totally painless. In fast, most patients absolutely love the treatments! Picture sun bathing at the perfect temperature with now bugs..... 
How many inches are lost during each session?
1/2 to 4 inches per session.  We have patients that have lost over 100 pounds with our program! 
Are the results permanent?
Yes, as long as the lifestyle you learn  is maintained

Contour Light V.s Traditional Liposuction

Contour Light

  •  Affordable
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Pain, Bruising or Swelling
  • ​No Downtime
  • ​No risks involved

Traditional Liposuction

  • Expensive
  • Invasive 
  • Pain, Bruising & Swelling
  • ​Long Recovery Time
  • ​Very Risky 

Contour Light Results

What will it cost 
to get started today?

  • During your first visit you will get a full (as much time as you need to get your questions answered) consultation with one of our experts, a FULL BODY Contour Light Treatment, a Vibration Plate Treatment, and a Bio Scan for only.... 
  • $37! (Normally an initial visit is $397) Yes, You're Saving 93% 
  • AND....We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! 
  • ​If you don't lose at least 2 inches that first visit...you get your $37 back! 
  • ​Why are we offering something so good? We are confident you are going to see amazing, instant results, love our program, and tell your friends about us! 

Why Not Change Your Life Today?

It is simpler and easier than you think!


  • What it feels like to fit
  • into your favorite skinny
  • jeans 
  • What it feels like to look
  • fabulous on the beach 
  • What it feels like to have
  • confidence on the dating
  • scene
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Contour Light

Body Sculpting Makeover

Makes the dream of your new body possible!

  • Easily
  • Affordably
  • Quickly 
  • Safely 
  • Painlessly 

Results Guaranteed!

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